Group Walks

The creme de la creme of the walks we offer. Providing the ideal mix of exercise and socialization, the group walk is the perfect energy burner! Group walks are 1 full hour, weather permitting!
*Careful consideration is placed on ensuring each dog is the proper fit for our group walks.

​Group walk rates:

3 + times a week = $26 per walk
2 a week or less = $28 per walk

Private Walks

Geared towards the older pooch who cannot keep up with high energy dogs, or the dog who may not be as comfortable in a group setting.

Private walk rates:

$30 for 1/2 hour walk

Puppy Visits

Ensuring your new addition gets the attention he/she requires at such a sensitive stage in his/her growth. Puppies need more bathroom breaks than an adult dog, and attention and play time are essential to their well being. Puppy visits include a short walk or backyard let out, as well as meal time and play time.

Puppy visit rates:

$25 for 1/2 hour visit

*Puppies can usually progress to the Group Walk after their third set of vaccinations.

Cat Visits

We may specialize in pooches but we love all from the 4 legged kingdom! Cat visits include feeding, litter box cleaning & play time.

Cat visit rates

$25 for 1/2 hour visit

Cage Free Boarding

Let your pooch have a vacation too when you are away.

No cages, only fun! Lots of walks during the day (they will be out with the pack!) and then back home where they can enjoy the comforts of a home —their home away from home!

Cage Free Boarding Rates:

$65 per night
*Overnight boarding is reserved for walking clients only.

Puppy Training/Obedience Skills

Puppies are exciting, puppies are adorable, but puppies could use some fine tuning in their manners!

Basic obedience skills that teach our puppy pooches to keep their four paws on the floor (no jumping up), how to walk nicely on a leash (there’s a lot to be excited about outside) and how to regulate their excitement levels (teaching “calm”) are the building blocks of a happy, well adjusted puppy!

  • Learn about puppy proofing your home
  • Common puppy “problems”
  • Teaching your puppy with positive reinforcement only
  • The stages of puppyhood to adolescence and beyond!

Puppy Training Rates:

Starting at $60 a session (45 minutes)

*Prices do not include HST.