Q: How do I get my dog started on walks with Life's Poochy?

​A: An initial consultation or ‘meet n’ greet’ is arranged before your dog can start with walks. This ensures all questions are answered and that your dog can have a chance to meet us. Life’s Poochy wants to ensure both dog and parent are happy and comfortable before commencing on walks.

Q: What happens during bad weather? Will my dog still be walked?

A: We walk rain and shine. In cases of severe inclement weather (blizzards, torrential downpour) walks may be shortened. During extreme heat and cold, walks are also shortened to ensure the safety of all dogs.

Q: Do you service my area?

A: We service the areas of Thornhill, North York, Richmond Hill & Maple. If you’re unsure if you’re within our service range, please give us a call or send us a message and we will see if we can help out!

Q: What happens if my dog gets dirty?

A: Dogs will be dogs, and they sure like to get dirty! That said, we do our best to ensure your pooch is cleaned as best as possible when taken home. Please don’t expect your dog to be squeaky clean as we won’t have adequate time to bathe your dog! Please keep towels by your door on rainy days.

Q: Are you Bonded and Insured?

A: Yes, we are bonded and insured with Verge Insurance Group. We are also Pet First Aid Certified.

Q: How do you know the dogs will get along?

A: During the initial meet and greet, Life’s Poochy ensures your dog is the right fit for group walks. Each new dog is integrated slowly to ensure they are a right fit with the other dogs. Your pets safety is our priority.